A blend of essential oil & other natural ingredients proven to promote positive mental health while freshening your face mask at the same time!

Packaged in a 2oz glass spray bottle.


Proceeds from each sale will be donated to a national organization supporting mental health awareness. Thank you for your support!



  • lavender
  • citrus blend
  • peppermint
  • stress away(MY FAVORITE!)

Refresh face mask spray

Choose your essential oil:
  • All items are final sale. No refunds will be issued to customer unless deemed necessary by owner. Owner is not responsible for damages or package theft incurred after purchased items have been shipped.

  • This item is not digestable! Although it can be sprayed in children's face mask, keep this item closed & out of the reach of children so as not to promote ingestion. If the product gets sprayed into your eyes, wash out eyes immediately and seek medical help if necessary. Owner will not be held responsible for any accidents occuring from use of product. Customer is liable for use & will use at their own risk. This is not a subsitute for washing your face mask. This is also not a substitute for seeking professional help for mental illness.