Is your brain a little foggy? Does it seem like you are getting lost down an endless tunnel of books & school supplies? Perhaps you are nervous about taking the leap into home education. This bundle is all about having a positive mindset to help you find your hope in all of those situations and more!


My "Homeschool Goals Planner/Journal" walks you through remembering why you chose to homeschool and what you want to accomplish while you educate your children at home. Making a plan serves a great purpose towards creating an organized atmosphere for your homeschool as well as your mind!


While you are out & about, promote health by wearing a custom "Hope-full" reusable cloth mask (with adjustable ear loops, nose bridge, mesh inside, filter pocket AND filter is included). This cotton mask supports the mental health awareness movement with the color green (and the color blue for calm & serinity).


Along with the planner/journal & mask, you will also receive a "Refresh": a 2oz glass spray bottle of facial mask freshener. Essential oils & other natural ingredients combine to leave a scented mask freshener that will calm you as well as refresh your reusable mask in between washings. 


Proceeds from each sale will be donated to a national organization supporting mental health awareness. Thank you for your support!

Hope-fullBox: Refresh & Plan

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