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You Were NOT Created to Fail

Although it may seem like everyone else BUT you has it going on, don't believe it! There was a time when I (virtually) sat at the feet of many homeschooling moms, reading the blogs and watching their YouTube videos. I assumed that since they were moms of multiple children like me that our journeys were similar; that I could mimic how they homeschooled and it would be just as perfect as theirs appeared to be. This was during our very first official year of homeschool. I ran myself ragged conducing endless searches to create the best learning experiences for my little people. I grew weary when my children told me how they began to be bored with the homeschool curriculum options so many moms had recommended online. My husband told me numerous times that I was always on my laptop and he did not like that. It was hard trying to keep up with other homeschoolers I looked up to and I felt like I was failing by not being able to keep up with them. It took me years to realize that I was NOT failing!

Yep, I was actually doing things right! How did I know that I was doing things right, you ask? My kids let me know. Just like they informed me of how they felt about some of the curriculum choices I made for them, they also let me know how I was doing as their mom. They were well fed, healthy, thriving, and happy. I witnessed them learning how to read and understand new concepts I taught them. Every school day, they were excited to be learning new things. It didn't matter that our schedule was not the same perfectly aligned schedule as the ones I saw online. I also did not matter that my homeschool budget was nearly $0.00 during our first few years of homeschool. There is no way that I can fail at being a homeschool parent. Even if we decide to place our children back into public school, that still won't make me a failure. My children learn something each day that they are alive, they are fed positivity and chunks of wisdom from my husband & I, and we are preparing them to be the best human beings they can be. How can you fail at that? Don't be so hard on yourself. There is no rule book or guidebook to the perfect homeschool. We are all different and live different lifestyles. Be encouraged and do what is best for your family right now, whatever that looks like. Stay hopeful!

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