• NaConda

Spring Busy Box

Here’s my latest #busybox for our 4 year old. Everything is spring & Easter themed and was purchased at Target in the #TargetDollarSpot. I may add some clothes pins like I added

in the Valentine’s busy box because he seemed to enjoy using the pins to pick items up. I also have some green felt material that I will cut a piece from and have as a make-shift mat (grass) for the wooden toys. There were a couple of other cute wooden buildings in the Target Dollar Spot, but I only bought one since my container is so small.

With all of the Easter & Spring party favors out now, it’s perfect timing to create your own busy boxes for your littles! You can create boxes for older kids using the mini erasers & math flash cards, or add blocks to the box for creating their own buildings for the wooden animal/insect toys. Have them create a scene using the items in the box and write a short story stemming from the scene they created. I’ve found that the less constructive the box is, the more creative the kids are. Like, literally throw some stuff in a box and watch their wheels turn!

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