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Put some RESPEK on your name!

The title is purposely misspelled! Last year, Louisiana native rapper Bird Man was recorded in an interview with "The Breakfast Club" being a bit irate. The reason behind his anger seemed to stem from interviewers & other rap artists not respecting the work he has put into his rap career and his status as

a rapper. So before he walked out of this interview he told the interviewer to put some respect on his name...hence the misspelling in the title!

I wanted to embody his Louisiana accent, hence the strong /k/ sound at the end of the word vs the /ct/. Let's face it, if you're a Southerner like me you understand how lazy we can get with the English language! All of that backstory (sigh!) now to the good stuff.

Was Bird Man right in demanding that others speak of him with respect? Or, who was he to be so demanding? I want you to think about this. Put yourself in his shoes, but as a mom. We do so much and so much is required from us. There was a time when I would hide behind my children. When they were younger, I used them as an excuse to get out of attending events, an excuse for not doing my hair or putting on anything besides pajamas, and even as an excuse for gaining weight. Why not, right? I basically used my kids as a shield to cover up my insecurities as a woman and as an excuse for my inconsistencies as a mom.

God was very specific when he created each one of us, flaws and all. We are human, not intended to

be perfect, yet we still strive to be. As moms, we know our kids look up to us for everything (even during those moments when we think they hate our guts). Sometimes this leads us to want to uphold that superhero persona which is cool, but unrealistic. Show them who you really are! This helps them know that it's ok to be imperfect because God didn't create us to be perfect. I often share with my kids that I don't know what I'm doing with them, I'm just trying my best to keep them safe & alive BECAUSE IT'S TRUE!!

Don't get lost in being the perfect mom. That hat gets worn out really quick and leads to burnout which is a downward spiral you don't want to go down. Take some time to think about some things that you like to do without your kids (or with minimal interaction with them if your children need you there to supervise them). Write those things down and then figure out the steps you can take to accomplish just one of those things. Do you need your spouse or partner to step in to give you some time alone? Do you need a family member or babysitter? Can someone video chat with your child while you take a bubble bath? Maybe you can extend your child's time on electronics just this one time so that you can enjoy a tv show you've been wanting to watch in peace. Be realistic in your expectations, and don't forget to include some time to remind yourself who you are! Take your Mommy hat off for a few moments and let your scalp breathe! Don't worry; your kids will remind you to put it back on!

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