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"My kids need something to do while I take a break!!"

Let's face it, our country is in a scary place right now. With the swift spread of the Coronavirus, cities all over the nation are slowly shutting down. There are panicked and stressed parents who are trying to figure out how to keep their family safe & healthy, all while not showing the weight that they are carrying on them to their little people. So many parents of traditionally schooled children are now being faced with the reality of schools closing & still having to report to work, or schools closing & their jobs shutting down. Regardless, the kids are home, parents are getting stressed, and we could all use a brief break from reality.

If you are a parent who allows your children to have time on the internet, I have a free resource for you that will help to curb the stress, boredom, and also give you a small break to catch your breath (or take a quick nap!). You may have seen a screenshot of a list of kid-friendly YouTube Learning channels circulating online recently. Well, I have revamped that screenshot and turned it into a printable document. I added a few extra YouTube channels & corrected the names of some of the channels that were shown in the photo. Use this learning packet to give your child safe, guided learning time online while you are doing something else. Along with the list of channels, I have included a page for you or your child to keep track of the time they spend online, what channel(s) they watch, and some comprehension questions to answer after their viewing time is complete!

My prayers are with our entire country and world and we live through this global pandemic. I hope that this simple, free resource will assist you in your journey as we slowly transition into quarantine-mode.


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