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I failed...

So, this past Easter weekend was the least festive Easter weekend my family has had since ever. I was running on fumes and didn't even realize it. But, my body let me know really quickly Sunday morning that I needed to cut out the foolishness with the quickness before I had a meltdown! Usually that's what it takes for me to stop and body giving me an ultimatum. It shouldn't even go to that extreme!

Typically, Easter (or "Resurrection Sunday") calls for a huge lunch/dinner, so many desserts, baskets for the kids, and an egg hunt. All of these things are typically completed by me because my husband is working and really doesn't realize all of the little pieces that go in to the big finished puzzle.

Well, the only thing that took place yesterday was an Easter egg hunt. I woke up yesterday morning & started dozing off around 9 am. Around 10, I decided to stop fighting and take a nap. That looked like me staying in bed until it was time to hide the eggs before my husband returned. He returned at 6:15pm and I got up to hide eggs at 5:30pm. Oh, and for dinner we ate chicken burgers & chips.

I felt like I failed. I didn't feel like cooking. I didn't feel like hiding the eggs (or staying up a few nights prior until after midnight stuffing the plastic eggs). I didn't feel like answering questions that my kids had yesterday because I just wanted to stay asleep.

But did I fail, though?? Nahhhh...

  • My kids got to run around our front & backyards searching for plastic eggs filled with candy, tiny erasers, and money. My husband & I enjoyed watching the enjoyment & excitement on their faces and seeing them just be kids after a year of not really being able to go many places to have fun.

  • Chicken burgers are actually one of my kids' favorite meals, so having that for dinner was a win-win!

  • I rested.

I believe that last bullet point was the most important of the three. As moms, we wear so many hats and those hats can become sooooo heavy over time. The hats weigh you down. They get so heavy that they start to slide down and cover your eyes so you can't see what you're doing anymore.

All of that to say this: listen to your body.

Add home education on top of mom duties and those hats you wear weigh a ton! It's okay to steer away from traditions that create extra work for you. It's okay to not cook the big fancy meal for your family. It's okay to not be able to do homeschool everyday because you need to take some mental health days. It's okay. Don't feel like a failure!

Your children are thriving, alive, clothed, fed, and loved. You are doing the damn-thang!!! Don't give up.

Til' next time,

keep your heart, mind, and soul FULL of hope!

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