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Earth Day 2020

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These days, our typical routine has gone out of the window & down the street. We'll get back to it eventually. One of my main focuses now is to keep our kids engaged and not stressed from seeing how drastically our world is changing. I want to provide a sense of security in the midst the chaos, and the best way I know how to do this is to have them participate in fun activities!

My kids adore arts and crafts, so that was the first trick up my sleeve! With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this week, I knew that I could plan lots of hands-on explorative activities to make the most of the week. As I planned for the week, I knew that I was going into a mentally & physically challenging week, so the less pen-to-paper activities that I planned the better. The painting craft that you see my children completing in the photos turned out awesome! I honestly did not think that my older children (15, 14, and 11) would want to participate much in this simple craft, but they were VERY excited about it!! We watched the move The Lorax and completed activity sheets for all ages that I found on one of my favorite online resource websites, Teachers Pay Teachers!

  1. "The Lorax: I Speak for the Trees" (this is the page you see in the photographs) All my kids used this & loved it!

  2. "Literacy: We Speak for the Trees Activity Book"

  3. *FREE* The Lorax Writing Pack

We will complete activities the entire week, like creating a working water filter using materials we have on hand at home and cleaning up an oil spill. TEDEd has a great resource for older & younger kids to navigate. I'll be using this guide with four out of my five children (not the preschooler), asking that my high schooler add another research reference to this guide and write a lengthier essay. PBS Learning Media website has a compilation of short videos related to Earth Day and bettering our planet. We will watch and discuss a video titled "Rachel Carson's Silent Spring" and another video titled "Earth Days: The First Earth Day".

I hope that your family is celebrating this year's Earth Day with great intent. Our world is changing and so is the environment we inhabit.

Leave a comment telling me what your family is doing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

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