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A Day in the Life of Homeschooling Multiple Children

Homeschooling multiple children allows you to give older siblings the opportunity to teach their younger siblings. I’m still ironing out our schedule with the youngest, but as for now it’s all working well for the most part. Originally, I assigned specific tasks to be completed at specific times with the youngest. Since his temperament can change at any given moment and day, I’m allowing the older siblings to decide what they want to do with him out of his preschool learning tasks. So far so good!

This is also a great opportunity to see what your older children know. If they are capable of properly teaching their younger siblings different concepts, this is a great sign that they have mastered it themselves! I like to listen in when our 8 year old is reading aloud to his younger brother. I listen for proper pronunciation & enunciation, as well as the variations when he reads a sentence vs a question (for example). Even if you have multiple children at home, there IS hope in homeschool!

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