Homeschooling in Texas

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NaConda has been homeschooling for over nine years. With a limited (and most times non-existent) budget for homeschool supplies & resources, NaConda used her knowledge of curriculum writing & lesson planning to create her own curriculum for her children's school needs. When purchasing a boxed curriculum became an option, NaConda still chose to create her own. Knowing the various learning styles of her five children, she feared spending money on curriculum that her children might possible not like or be able to adapt to. NaConda continued to create lessons & unit studies that she knew her children would have fun & meaningful learning with, using mostly FREE resources.


NaConda has created a course just for you to teach you how to do just what she has done for her children for the past nine years.  "How to Write Your Own Homeschool Curriculum" is one of NaConda's most requested courses! Purchase the course to have unlimited access today!