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Homeschooling in Texas is easy, ya'll!

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What is "hope-full homeschooling"?

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After suffering with depression & anxiety for over a decade, NaConda knows the importance of focusing on mental health and including self-care in homeschool planning. For years she parented & homeschooled from an empty cup and she paid for it severely. The "Hope-full Homeschool" movement was created to remind homeschool moms that they cannot pour from an empty cup.

It is encouragement to find your hope in home education by keeping your cup full!

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NaConda saw a need for a virtual safe space for home educating moms experiencing mental angst. She created a Mastermind group to provide this space & guide these moms through balancing their mental state with educating their kids at home. If you are working on making your own mental health a priority, join the "Hope-full Homeschool Mom BALANCE Mastermind" today!

Balance Membership COMING SOON!
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NaConda has been homeschooling for over nine years. With a limited (and most times non-existent) budget for homeschool supplies & resources, NaConda used her knowledge of curriculum writing & lesson planning to create her own curriculum for her children's school needs. When purchasing a boxed curriculum became an option, NaConda still chose to create her own. Knowing the various learning styles of her five children, she feared spending money on curriculum that her children might possible not like or be able to adapt to. NaConda continued to create lessons & unit studies that she knew her children would have fun & meaningful learning with, using mostly FREE resources. This was a daunting and scary task, but NaConda learned some tricks to ease her own anxieties while planning the learning experiences for her children. Research coupled with knowledge based on her own experiences is what NaConda offers when consulting for her Unit Study Planning Package & Curriculum Planning Package. Find out about these packages & more below!

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