Nikkahndah Birth Services provides expert advice and services to moms, helping them find their hope through empowerment, encouragement, and enlightenment. 

NaConda is the creative owner & mastermind of Nikkahndah Birth Services . She is married to her high school sweetheart of over 15 years and they reside with their five children & one dog in Southeast Texas. After realizing her calling to serve other moms like her, in 2018 she created a space online with her homeschool consulting services where she opened up a tough conversation regarding mental health in the homeschool community. NaConda, also known as The Homeschool Whisperer, started the "Hope-full Homeschool Movement" where she began sharing her real-life homeschool struggles & successes, as well as providing encouragement for homeschool moms through their homeschool days. In 2021, a few years after beginning her homeschool consulting business, NaConda put a decade worth of fears aside & honed into something that she knew she was meant to do: becoming a birth worker! She is a DONA trained Birth Doula & is currently in the process of completing her birth doula certification through DONA (Doulas of North America). Doula NaConda is also a Community Lactation Educator. In the meantime, NaConda's goal as a birth doula is to decrease the maternal disparities in the black community by providing services such as lactation community education & birth doula services so that families can be better informed of their choices during the birth of their beautiful blessings! 

Serving & nurturing are in NaConda's DNA. Her ancestors on both sides of her family were village healers & midwives in their communities. NaConda felt the calling to become a birth worker after birthing her & her husbands' second child. After experiencing some mishaps during her pregnancies and births where she felt unheard and had no advocate, NaConda knew she did not want other moms to experience that shame, especially minority moms who have higher rates of maternal disparities. Although she did not answer the calling until several years later, NaConda assisted friends & loved ones along the way with encouragement & wisdom. NaConda has completed DONA Birth Doula Training, Community Lactation Educator Training, and is currently working towards becoming a certified birth doula. She hopes to serve families in her area that may not have access to birth services that a doula can provide, helping to decrease the rate of Cesarean sections, episiotomies, & infant and maternal mortalities by educating, empowering, and encouraging mom and families in her area and now virtually! 

Now you know a little background information, and here is more! Where does the name "Nikkahndah" come from, you are wondering? NaConda was named by her Nigerian uncle. He always referred to her as "Nikki" before she was born, but he & NaConda's mother never got a chance to discuss the actual spelling of this beautiful name, so her mom spelled this name how many ethnic names were spelled in the early 80s using hard syllables and the middle upper-case letter (NaConda), not the way it was supposed to be spelled (Nikkahndah). NaConda knew that the meaning of her name brought her purpose to full circle, especially serving as a doula. Nikkahndah means "mother's gift" in Nigerian and NaConda intends to put those words into action by being a gift to mothers and helping mothers birth their gifts into this world.

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